Kotare on Pohutakawa-Mia Riddell Watercolour

Kotare on Pohutakawa

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Serious contrast; reds and blues always play well together.

  • Limited Edition Art Prints
  • 200GSM card stock using Epson Ink
  • Sizing options: A5, A4 and A3
  • Packaged in print bag and craft tube for safe shipping
  • *This is a print, not the original. 

The kingfisher is a distinctive bird with a green-blue back, buff to yellow undersides and a large black bill. It has a broad black eye-stripe, and a white collar in adults. The females are slightly greener and duller.

Pōhutukawa is New Zealand's Christmas tree, and holds a prominent place in Maori mythology. Learn more about the Kotare and Pōhutukawa from the Department of Conservation here.